5402 HD M2 Biss and Irdeto keys

Discussion in 'TM-5000 Series' started by 3PM_Footy, Nov 4, 2013.

  1. 3PM_Footy Sam New Member


    Recently got my 5402 HD M2 and have got so far with the latest patches and addon. I have installed these OK but would like some more help/info on using BISS and Irdeto keys which apparently I need to unlock channels showing live English football. Any help greatly appreciated. Is this something to do with softcams or am I getting confused

  2. manic01 Welcome to the final show

    Load a softcam for the Irdeto 39e keys.
    For Biss, go to the channel you want to clear - press 8280 or menu-system info-Select Biss - Then on a line with all zeros enter the keys- exit and save.
    This must be done for each channel you want to clear, you cannot enter them all at once.
    For info Biss menu always shows as off but is correct.
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  3. holmroad Well-Known Member

    Yes thats right use 8280 - but if you can actually FIND a line with all zeroes, you'll have done brilliantly - as there are only 40 altogether and we are all asking for lots more to be added!
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  4. manic01 Welcome to the final show

    Its enough for most people, tell me what 40 channel biss keys are you using now then?
  5. holmroad Well-Known Member

    Havent you seen what, amongst other, Digidude and satdude have both officially requested mate, i.e. more Biss key lines for 8280 function?
    Surely we cant ALL be wrong just because you dont seem to agree?
    When I go into my 8280 function, EVERY line is filled with keys for 'something' - I've even asked in other posts how do we ever know if any of them can be freed off for 'new' lines - so the only way would be to go through all 40 lines to find 'which' line opens 'what' - maybe I'm missing something here, but I've never yet had a straight answer for THAT one!
    So please answer me manic01 - surely YOUR 40 lines must all be in use too, or have you cleared them all off - before you enter the ones that only YOU want in? I really AM interested in your advice here mate!
    Plus, does the latest softcam put keys in too - a factor which we ALL use surely - and have you seen how many lines are contained in every softcam mate?
    Go on, tell me I'm wrong and the only one asking this, to ME very 'obvious' set of questions!
  6. digi247 Well-Known Member

    The Last time i checked from 57° east to 45° west i used up around 37 Biss keys which left 3 spare for feeds since then we have the ESPN's at 15° west and a couple of movies @4.8° east that would leave 1 blank line for a feed.

    Not very good if you ask me.

    And i mentioned previously i would like to see it as a Notepad file attachment so you can just copy/paste keys in and load once done if this could be done great if not tough titty
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  7. 3PM_Footy Sam New Member

    Hi guys
    Thanks for the extra info. My next question is what Softcam and is it uploaded like the patch?
  8. manic01 Welcome to the final show

    @holmroad I have 12 spare lines, I delete what I don't want and still have some on there that are not needed really.
    And have changed my espn, have you?
  9. holmroad Well-Known Member

    No mate I havent even TRIED yet to insert ESPN keys as I have no spare lines with '00000' left at all and havent yet had chance to check through all 40 to see what they all currently may open - or not!! lol!!
    We really DO need another 20 or so free lines to enable us to utilise the many 'extra' Biss key options we keep getting presented with, but currently have to 'risk' losing something else by overwriting 'current' existing lines!
    Thats all in MY opinion anyway!
  10. manic01 Welcome to the final show

    You cant possibly have 40 sets of biss keys that are of any use to you.
    Only enter what you view, why enter for eg 2m national on 3e if you will never use them.
    Delete all the old pl keys on 10e to start with.
  11. holmroad Well-Known Member

    Well you are the FIRST person EVER to answer this question manic01 - as whenever I've asked this both here and elsewhere exactly WHAT the 40 FILLED lines of Biss keys which are ALREADY there actually 'do' - whenever you start from scratch from adding a new patch, softcam, etc etc - and that 'somehow' you'd have to go through every one of the fourty to evaluate which does what - and all you are suggesting is to say delete ALL of them (willy nilly?) - mate I am gobsmacked!!
    Yes ok, if ANYONE still has PLTV keys in place then YES - but what about the other 39 lines?
    (I do realise MUTV on 10E is also one of them, plus BBC on 27.%W - but what of the REST?)
  12. manic01 Welcome to the final show

    Use the Biss list that Mdt generates.
    Then start again or annotate the list for each line.
    Theres no biss in softcam loaded.
    Biss lists stays same when repatching as well i believe.

    So get the Mdt list, see what you really have on those lines or just google the biss line and it will give the result in google.
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  13. holmroad Well-Known Member

    Thanks mate, didnt realise you could do that - havent seen it mentioned anywhere before either!
    So Mdt list is the 'Biss Keys' full list I hve d/loaded on to my desktop, but how do I then put that on my box, assume its via USB 'da' option?
  14. manic01 Welcome to the final show

    No you cant, just use list to check what you have on receiver and annotate the list and save to desktop.
    Then in future you will know what keys are for what and if needed.
  15. holmroad Well-Known Member

    Thanks mate, have to set aside a few hours sometime then to have a bash!! lol!!
    I still prefer the notion that we get more free lines from Phantom - at least its on his latest list of 'things to do'!

    Big match at Leicester today!!
  16. manic01 Welcome to the final show

    Why do you want something that is not needed for your self.
    To sort biss keys will take 30 mins max.
    The biss keys qty wont change, its in the fw and is not on the list of things really required is it?
    Its not hard to sort biss list, start to day finish in 30 mins or so.
    You will have plenty free spaces then.
  17. 3PM_Footy Sam New Member

    Interesting chat, however please can you give me more info about what softcam and is it just a matter of downloading ( unzip if necessary) onto USB and the Technomate should recognise the file?

    Also holmroad- are you a Red or a Fox?
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  18. holmroad Well-Known Member

    Hi mate, I'm a Red, Forest probably for longest, but Man U too since Man U air disaster at Munich!
    As for softcam, you unzip it (I've attached latest with this post just in case!) on to a USB memory stick and load it on to your Technomate via the 'USB' part at the bottom of the main menu - 'data load'!
    All the best!

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  19. 3PM_Footy Sam New Member

    Thanks Holmroad. I'll download and try it out.
    Great win on Saturday - yes I'm a Forest fan
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  20. wnn670

    Question re biss, my tecnomate seems to want me to go into 8280 every time to clear a channel. Is this correct?

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