9°E AFN-HD not clearing anymore with TM5402HD-M3

Hello Community, and thank you for unlocking my user-id so that I can post here.

I've been using my TM5402HD-M3 for some time now to operate a motorized dish. An observation I made is that after AFN switched their service to HD they used - for a couple of weeks - a test key "00112233...FF" which unlocked all channels (before they changed to HD the box unlocked the AFN SD channels successfully. But in early summer they started to use real keys and change them frequently (every day). No matter which - supposedly functioning (according to users with an Enigma box) - key I try, the box won't clear the channels. Has anything changed in the PowerVU data format that stops the TM5402 from recognizing the stream? The info menu shows "CAS: PowerVU, Unknown". Ah right, my software version is: S/W 1.47p (Feb 7 2017), H/W Version 1.00, Boot Version: 3.00, CH Version: F022.

Thanks in advance for posting your experience with this box and PowerVU on 9°East.


Reasons to Be Cheerful, Part 3
It can no longer be opened on TM non linux receivers as it has changed hash mode.
Only enigma 2 oscam or cheap chinese non linux stb with support can open afn now.
There wont be any M3 updates as far as I know.
Thanks for confirming @manic01

This is too bad, I prefer my TM due to ease of use, fast boot and shutdown and reliable USALS motor control. No enigma receiver I tried so far (VU+ duo, Octagon 4008) performs so well. I guess the TM firmware is not available somewhere so that the hash mode could be patched... (I have firmware programming skill and could do some development but disassembling the firmware into assembly and patching algorithms is not a viable option)


Reasons to Be Cheerful, Part 3
No not available sorry. The 5402 and all other TM non Linux have reached the end of the line imo.