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  1. maud Sam New Member

    anyone got working keys for 11804 please
  2. holmroad Well-Known Member

    AFN 9E latest keys:-
    Here you are maud - tested and working!!

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  3. maud Sam New Member

    Tried them in 5402 m3 but not working,am I missing something please
  4. holmroad Well-Known Member

    Well those identical keys were working on all those AFN channels with those keys as I posted last night maud on MY M3!
    Assume you went into CAS Menu and PowerVu for 11804?
  5. maud Sam New Member

    yep and put in 00 and 01 also using patch 134
  6. holmroad Well-Known Member

    I had forgotten that PowerVu on the M3 came in as long ago as patch 134 and have just checked that you were correct to be using an old patch from June 2015 for this encryption - and YES you are!!
    Personally I am using a much newer patch, 146P from 22/8/16 - and my AFN still opens fine using the keys above!
    Maybe the older patch 134P has some bugs with P/Vu which are sorted by 146P?
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  7. maud Sam New Member

    will try patch 146P,are there any bugs in it please
    cant find link to download centre,also I put the keys into lines 00 and 01 these being the first 2 lines showing, 2 other lines showing but nothing in them marked 00 and 00, first 2 lines in hex format is that correct please
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  8. holmroad Well-Known Member

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  9. maud Sam New Member

    Many thanks holmroad changed patch and now working,will see how we get on with it
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  10. manic01 Welcome to the final show

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  11. Jonesy789 Sam New Member

    147p working good for me
    Nice to see your posting again
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  12. holmroad Well-Known Member

    Must say I'm a little surprised about the reports that 147P is working as I'd thought it had bombed out last year after testing!
    That's why it's no longer in the Download Centre surely?
    NB: Will now try it out again!
    (Plus, yes good to see manic01 back!!)
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