AFN 9e auto roll help needed please.

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  1. kegnkiwi Active Member

    I have posted on here the configs needed the get afn to work with auto update. If you want the files they are below. You need to use oscam 11424 or 11425.

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  2. lespat Sam New Member

    Thanks for the zip file kegnikiwi, just need to work out what to do with it and how to work it in with oscam 11424 or 11425? Will start a new thread later when I can clear my head for it!
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  3. manic01 Welcome to the final show

    It's in new thread now, hopefully you will get sorted ok.
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  4. kegnkiwi Active Member

    If you go onto your receiver and go menu, plugins, download plugins, then softcams hopefully you have the option to download oscam 11424 or 11425. If you have download the latest one. If this does not work then you will need to download the same cams from either the satvenus panel or the levi45 panel. Once you have download the cam those files above need to be dropped into var/tuxbox/config, while you are doing it also put the softcam key file into usr/keys as well. Start the cam from the menu sytem. This may take a couple of times as 11425 has an issue of starting if they is more that one emu reader. You can check its working by putting you box's ip into your computer followed by :8888 this extension can be changed in the oscam.config file using dcc. Then tune into afn movies and leave on there for between 5-10 mins and it should auto update.
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  5. lespat Sam New Member

    That seems straight forward!!!! Sounds like 11424 would be a better option for a novice, and does it mean there will be 2 copies of the softcam key file or just in usr/keys? satvenus panel or levi45 panel is a new one on me? What or where to get from if needed and what do they do?
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  6. lespat Sam New Member

    Also I see the keys for 27.5w in the key file. Is this achievable with Oscam or is that a step too far?
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  7. kegnkiwi Active Member

    It might be possible i guess but as i posted in the other thread i was struggling with 27.5w do i cannot confirm. I am sure i saw that as part of the downloads in the other thread with the softcam in it was the satvenus panel. What the satvenus panel and levi45 panel do is allow you more access to better plugins and softcams.

    link here.
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  8. lespat Sam New Member

    Found the satvenus panel ipk. It seems from the text updates that levi45 is integral with satvenus? Was it 1 or 2 softcam key file(s). Just gathering all the info at the moment before wading in so will report back when I have done it or otherwise. Don't want to get into deep water for lack of info! I have discovered through trial and error that a full image copy/backup is a sure safety net when going into the unknown! Thanks for all help so far.
  9. lespat Sam New Member

    Another question, can more than 1 cam/emu i.e. Oscam and CCcam run at the same time or does the active one have to be stopped before starting the other?
  10. kegnkiwi Active Member

    Really one cam or another though some images allow two. The reason I said put the softcam key file in both locations is because dependent on what image you are using then the file structures can be different. for example cccam.cfg lives in /etc unless you use openatv images and it goes in usr/keys. I'm not sure on the file structure of vix so i am trying to edge your bets.
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  11. lespat Sam New Member

    Thanks, will have a go later when I've plucked the courage get into it!
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  12. kegnkiwi Active Member

    I wont be online this evening but should be around at the weekend.:D
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  13. FREEDAWEED Active Member

    Here's the oscam keys for 27.5W, but not all oscam versions will work. Have a go and post what you find out.

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  14. lespat Sam New Member

    Thanks FREEDEWEED for the file but I fell at the first hurdle. Found a satvenus and installed but it wouldn't download Oscam 11425. 11424 wasn't there. So stuck so far. Any ideas. I'm using latest Vix
  15. FREEDAWEED Active Member

    Yes pal.
    if it doesn't show in your list it's not the right one for your image.
    Press menu/plugins/red to remove plugins and check to so if it's there or not.
    If it's there then remove it first.
    Do you have the linuxsat panel i posted ?
    If yes then download from there.
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  16. lespat Sam New Member

    Had problems before and had to reload and didn't put linuxsat panel back on as it seems it prevented the normal plugins route from functioning, but I will put it back on now. If 11425 is available then proceed as above? Just a note, 27.5w working flawlessly. So much easier to correct cock-ups when you keep a latest working full image backup. Learning something new every day, but it is challenging.
  17. manic01 Welcome to the final show

    A backup image is always a must, same as channel list back ups on other stb's.
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  18. FREEDAWEED Active Member

    I'm on the case for you. Give me 15 min's and i'll post what you need.
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  19. FREEDAWEED Active Member

    Had a look around about the subject and many say just use ncam or Oscam_emu with correct keys.
    If you have audio or video problem then there is a thread on another forum that gives step by step instructions on how to fix it.
    If you need the info i'll send it pm as it's from another forum.
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  20. manic01 Welcome to the final show

    Just paste it in here and give the author credit is easiest way.
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