AFN 9e powervu back on e2 stb.


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I downloaded 11434 last night but it was the old version and did not clear, now got the new one but need access to box and tv to test :)


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No problems at all,

You need the latest oscam 11434 r772 or ncam 6.2 or gcam 1.9. But I am using oscam. There are various versions available for each image maker and also if its a 4k arm box or a non 4k mips box.

Links to the files below, these files for for vu + but i would be willing to try them on technomate or any other as long as you get the right one for your correct image. Other than that you can try and download it from the plugin menu of you current image. It may not be there yet.

Once you have downloaded the ipk then send the file to your tmp/folder via dcc or filezilla or what ever you use. Then use your remote and install the ipk manually and reboot your box. This should not be in your softcam menu on your receiver.

Then load the config files which are in post one from our forum here. It depends which image you are using most files structure seem to be /var/tuxbox/config openatv the files go into usr/keys. I would not have anything else in the config until after you have got it working as sometimes there seems to be a conflict.

Another config to try is posted as attached.

Good luck


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