BBC Satback 27.5W issues

Hi I have received Intelsat 907 BBC satbacks for the last two years on TP 11.485 V SR 44.100 and now I find all transponders giving me a 97% signal but NOT transponder TP11.495, V, SR44.100. I cannot get back to my old setting. My question is;-

Is the new TP 11.495 V SR 44.100 working? (at 18 Aug 2017)
I am still unable to receive BBC on Intelsat 907 at 27.5 degrees. I have no signal on TP 11.495 V SR 44.100. I am not a newby as I have had no problems for the last two years. All transponders give me 97% signal except the TP 11.495 where I just have a occasional flash but no signal. I am located in southern Spain and I now suspect the TM5402 HD M3 box itself (irrational, I know but am at wits end). Has anyone the same problem, and can anyone help?


Time at the bar please.
Is it a fixed dish/motorised or on diseqc switch?
If its fixed dish check your dish alignment and all connections, dishes can move in bad weather.
If motorised try and nudge dish east or west using motor control or flex dish top or bottom to see if signal improves.
If using switch make sure all connections ok and dish is aligned ok.
You say all transponders give you 97% signal, but there are very few transponders on 27w.

If using usals motorised system, make sure usals long/lat coordinates entered correctly.

Do you have an old back up channel list you can load? As this will restore all old settings.
Hi again manic01
I will answer all your questions. It is a motorised dish and I have diseqc on. I have confirmed all connections several times. I get 97% on the transponders it has and I have blind scanned the satellite several times after setting my long/lat correctly they are 4.7 and 36.6. The box has a habit of defaulting to London.
I inadvertantly lost my orignal channel list and have deeply regretted my error. I have looked on the forum for a list that gives me BBC. The really sad thing is I set up two of my neighbours on BBC satback but both of them are not in Spain right now. I will take your advice.

Maybe I should switch off diseqc and just go to USALS 1.2 and nudge the dish around till I get a signal. If I had a signal the rest is straight forward. Alternatively as I am in England on Monday wrap the box around Technomate's head

What do you think Manic01, you are agreat guy.


Time at the bar please.
I doubt its the stb fault.
36.6 North and 4.7 west entered ok?
First back up your list to usb just in case.
You could try loading william-1 list
Or go to 30w, once on 30w and receiving a channel ok switch off usals if using usals.
Now select 27w and move dish using diseqc east wards until you get a signal then store and scan.
Make sure it is actually moving to 27w when selected, get some one to see how far dish moves from 30w when moved to 27w
Hi manic01, A very big thank you. I did exactly as you said and everything is absolutely fine, all channels load and clear. I have managed to get my wife and children off my back.
thank you
Best Regards