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Discussion in 'TM-Twin-Oe' started by bob-m, Apr 5, 2018.

  1. bob-m

    my tm twin oe constantly crashes and sometimes sticks on the start up screen with just a spinning vix.
    my machine has done this since it was new, but recently it has started to crash more often.
    i installed the latest vix image on it last week thinking it might just need an update, but it still crashes.
    this is the latest crash log attached and i hope someone will be able to help me sort my sick box out.

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    Technomate technical
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  3. kegnkiwi Active Member

    Have you ever installed a swap file on your receiver? the tm twin has small memory so you could try this.
  4. bob-m

    never done a swap file, but interested in anything that might stop the crashing.
    Seems that since technomate moved into the enigma 2 market there has been nothing but probs, and this is my 4th enigma box from TM all have had probs.
  5. kegnkiwi Active Member

    If you are using vix images then you can activate this under the menu systems. Try a 256mb. You will need either a usb stick or hard drive installed.
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  6. bob-m

    well i have done everything i can with this box including making a swap file but still it crashes.
    think the next step is to take a hammer to it and move to a vu box.
    thanks for the help anyway.
  7. manic01 Welcome to the final show

    Good luck with the hammer.
  8. FREEDAWEED Active Member

    If it's done it from new then it maybe over heating. Try turning your fan up to full speed and check your fan is round the right way, it should blow heat out not suck cold air in. I've had 2 x boxes with the fan fitted wrong.
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