EPG download to PC/Phone to add later to box?

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  1. lespat Sam New Member

    Is it possible to download an EPG file to a phone or laptop say at MacDonalds when out and about then load onto linux box later? EPG import works well straight onto box when internet is available, just trying to explore my options further when travelling down through Europe. Found xmitv site but can't make out what to do with it?
  2. kegnkiwi Active Member

    You do know you can use your phones in europe free of charge. You could get like 3gb of date for £10.00, I recently went all to new zealand and all of us took 3 network sim cards and paid £15.00 each sim for 5gb of data and used then in singapore and new zealand.
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  3. lespat Sam New Member

    Yes, we got that side of things covered. Just looking for alternative ways of getting the EPG as some of the places we stay with the motorhome are pretty remote with next to no phone signal on the network that is partnered with our home phone provider. We also use a sim from 3 called "internet with legs" which gives you 12gb data for use with a tablet or mifi and lasts up to 12 months at home or abroad including USA. Or 24gb for upto 2 years. Most phone networks only allow you to use your "feel at home" for upto 60 days overseas use. Thanks for replying.

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