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  1. FREEDAWEED Active Member

    Anybody having iptv problems or just want to try it let me know.
    I can help you with all aspects of IPTV.
    Free & subscription
    Linux STB
    Smart TV
    MAG 250/254 etc
    I have the software needed for all systems, along with the time to help.
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  2. manic01 Welcome to the final show

    How about some screen shots to show what can be achieved?
  3. FREEDAWEED Active Member

    This is a very small part of what you can get from IPTV on your box.

    1_0_19_4500_1000_1_CFDACE7_0_0_0 (1).jpg 4097_0_1_8A19_D0B0_CDB0_0_0_0_0 (3).jpg 4097_0_1_8A19_D0B0_CDB0_0_0_0_0 (5).jpg
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  4. FREEDAWEED Active Member

  5. manic01 Welcome to the final show

    Thats all looks good mate, epg is spot on.
  6. FREEDAWEED Active Member

    The system shown is auto update and gives full EPG.
  7. manic01 Welcome to the final show

    The android app is same.
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  8. x 5

    looks good indeed would like to try.
  9. FREEDAWEED Active Member

    Hi pal. What system are you on ?
  10. FREEDAWEED Active Member

    Contact made via p.m
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  11. Jonesy789 Sam New Member

    Hi mate have tried to pm but it’s blocked can you get in touch regarding this cheers
  12. manic01 Welcome to the final show

    Try him again, hes cleared some pm's.
  13. x 5

    it works great thanks mate, tested with enigma2 box
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  14. FREEDAWEED Active Member

    Just a message to all.
    The enigma2 boxes allow you to run the auto bouquet maker but you can also move the channels around in you own bouquets to make your own list.
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  15. Jonesy789 Sam New Member

    This is working well on android excellent service
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  16. ross_37 Member

    Installed on a Nano m3, all looks very good with epg as well
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  17. FREEDAWEED Active Member

    Glad you like it.
  18. Galway

    I have a Technomate TM Twin 4K Open Pli image Enigma 2 but I cannot get IPTV to clear any channels no matter which provider I use. Channels clear on my HD non 4K Twin OE box. Any help and advice appreciated.
  19. FREEDAWEED Active Member

    Is it the latest PLi image your using ?
    If not what version are you on ?
    Have you got any streaming working, ie youtube ?
    Is the box that does work on the same internet connection ?
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  20. FREEDAWEED Active Member

    Contacted by PM.
    The problem is solved.
    There was a problem with the PLi image he was running.
    I got him to flash his box with latest VIX image and it fixed his streaming problem.
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