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Discussion in 'The Sports Room' started by marki, Jun 10, 2017.

  1. marki Active Member

    Haven't looked for a while but don't seem to be able to find F1 on RTL or SRF.was ok last year. Where's best to see
    with a 5402 M3?Cheers
  2. SilverHippy

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  3. marki Active Member

    Many thanks.I couldn't see the qualifying so I thought something had changed.Cheers
  4. SilverHippy

    No problem, I usually watch on one of those & listen on R5 live, slight sound delay but....
    Nice collection of channels, lots to see & lots in English.

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  5. marki Active Member

    That's what I do but I must use a dns cloaker to get R5 .The delay for me is about 30 secs so I use the live pause button until it lines up with the video.Cheers
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  6. SilverHippy

    Thanks for reminding me that's what I done last time, handy

  7. manic01 Welcome to the final show

    ERT 2
    -Eutelsat 3.1°E 12734 V 16750 -Fixed CW

    ERT HD
    -Eutelsat 3.1°E 12734 V 16750 -Fixed CW

    RTL Television
    -Astra 19.2°E -12226 H 27500 -FTA
    -Astra 19.2°E -12188 H 27500 -FTA

    Channel 4
    -Astra 28.2°E -10714 H 22000 -FTA
    -Astra 28.2°E -10729 V 22000 -FTA

    Channel 4 HD
    -Intelsat 27.5°W -11495 V 44100 -Biss
    -Astra 28.2°E -11127 V 22000 -FTA

    ERT keys here

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  8. marki Active Member

    Does SRF Zwei HD still work for F1 on 5402 M3.It shows scrambed.Thanks
  9. manic01 Welcome to the final show

    Only via cs as its now via 4.
    Rtl works on 19.2e fta and also possibly M4 sport on 9e
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