Intelsat 907 update todays patch working.

The following sequence is the one I used for Phantom patch v1.70 03/07/14.

Download patch from download centre to usb stick, be sure you know the name and version.

Go to channel manager/ user channel list/select save/ type new name for filelist, select ok and save existing channel list.

Go back to main menu or select usb button find new patch highlight it and press ok, select yes to update software,
wait for stb to go thru sequence and stb to reboot.

Go to main menu/channel list/user channel list/Load the set of channels you just saved.

Go to main menu/additional function/network application/G-net update/select 2014-07-03 key if not already selected,

press red button on remote to download.

Exit out back to channel list and intelsat should be working.

What happens when the biss codes change again I do not know.
Good Stuff Guys for the patch finally! and thanks to manic for keep insisting to them and thanks to Brynic for your info.
I cant wait to try it but im away overnight so il get stuck in to it tomorrow and let you know if all is sweet!
Lol, Yes I live in Asturias north Spain and cant get 2e/f even with my 1.5m dish so definately need it!
They have real good food and natrual cider here if you fancy a hol!
Hi guys. Glad to report all working fine.
I didnt need to do gnet or anything like that.
I just loaded new patch from usb then loaded the motor channel list i already had on my usb and all worked off the bat!
Good job by phantom better late than never!
And as i said before big thanks to manic and brynic for all their help.
Brynic the gnet is for auto updates i think, like new biss key etc, but as the latest patch had the current key already there was no need for it this time. But i may be wrong!