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    If you've got a Linux box and don't use IPTV Player then your crazy.
    There's Sooooooo much on it.
    Movies and series.
    Many languages are catered for.
    You can stream or download so even if you have slow internet it's still perfect. Just download what you want and watch later.
    For this plugin alone it makes having a Linux stb worth having.
    Best panel i've found and for English speaking there's no better. (I've tried them all).

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  2. manic01 Welcome to the final show

    Nice post mate.
    See my avatar, I will be there again when they turn them on.
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    Might open nano and have a mess about.
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    got a couple in the cupboard, might look later in the week.
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    I'ts not the same as it was lol.
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    What isn't the same?
  9. FREEDAWEED Active Member

    Images on Linux, You said you haven't used one for ages. The images are so different.
  10. manic01 Welcome to the final show

    ok sorry, wasn't following.
    To be honest I have absolutely no use for linux.
    TM5402 does all I need on satellite.
    I have firestick/android stb/smart tv for iptv etc.
    The sticks/android stb are portable so have the edge over a sat box to start with.
    The android stb have faster processor and more ram as well.
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    You must be an octopus with all those remotes.
    I like the fact i have (EVERYTHING) i could possibly need in one box.
    I's small enough to go anywhere and has a TB hdd fitted so 100's of films and song saved.
    The processor is fast enough to do it all.
    With wifi a can get anything.
  12. manic01 Welcome to the final show

    3 remotes, 2 once i have turned the tv on.
    Firstick can be powered by tv, nothing can be as portable as that
    In fact as theres no need for sat with iptv if you want to go that route, then the firestick does it all and the fire tv is 4k and just as portable.
    Anything you can put on that linux stb apart from satellite you can have on android.
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    So there's no point getting more from your Linux box, close down the forum and buy ANDROID.
  14. manic01 Welcome to the final show

    Pretty much so unless using motorised it's dead.
    Look at the responses so far on here?
  15. manic01 Welcome to the final show

    Seems to be Technomates attitude
    Last box from them was android
  16. kegnkiwi Active Member

    I've loads of linux boxes and the main one I use is a solo4k. Great box but I don't use it for watching. I have a official sub to sky and hd box, I have cs on the solo attached to a 1m dish and I even have a cable tuner installed opening all those channels. I have kodi on the 4k but I still don't watch it. I use a small android box the t95z with 32gb storage and 3gb ram. I have found away to watch all the home and away football games for my team via a streams site and they even have there own app that you download from the play store. We use that every night. oh might use the solo4k tonight to watch the england game because the picture quality is so much better that the sky hd box.
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