It's been 3 years now

xxxxxx Sat Hobby

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Gosh, doesn't time fly, seems just a few months ago since I upgraded from M2 to M3!!

yes it's been quite a long time but the TM5402HD-M3 & TM/F3/5-HD will last more longer because he's got the IPTV what packages shutting on satellite you can still watch them via iptv m8 ;) my wife she's got in the kitchen TM/F3/5-HD and believe me she never watch the satellite all she watches IPTV

I hope Phantom he can extend the iptv from 2000 limit to 5000 or even more because lots of iptv servers they have more than 2000 Live channels + 3000 VOD movies

the server I am using at the moment has got 3.800 Live channels/VOD movies/Serious but soon I downloaded the list on TM/F3/5 you only can see 2000 because that's the only Max limit

I wouldn't mind to wait a bit more longer for new non Linux and we'll have all the necessary DVB-S2 / T2 / C /4K Ultra HD /Mediaset Stream /IPTV otherwise I keep using TM5402HD-M3 & TM/F3/5-HD


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Thanks for raising the above point xxxsat hobby... hopefully technomate will take onboard this with the new stb...
funny enough i emailed them this morning if there was any news on a new 4k box....also wanted confirmation it would be able to read ntfs usb and playback hevc files.
Maybe they decided that its not worth bringing out a new box if it does exactly the same as the last one.
It must be better or it must do something that no other box can do ?

The problem now is the Android internet boxes available for little money which seem to get all the programming anyone could wish for without a dish.
They must have affected satellite dish & receiver sales in a big way.