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  1. FREEDAWEED Active Member

    Hi all.
    I'm going to see if i can help you get more from your box.

    Do you need help with cardsharing settings or cams ?
    Do you need help getting 27.5w working ?
    Have you got full EPG (TV guide) ?
    Are you having any problems with your IPTV (payed or free) ? I only recommend PIE TV as he's been fantastic and you get full epg.
    Do you have IPTV player 1.4.6 ? (if you don't then you should)
    Do you use TSmedia ?
    Do you have every radio station you want (worldwide) ?
    Do you know you can have all the music/tv programs/series/movies etc that you want for free ?
    Do you know you can use your box as a jukebox for parties etc ?
    Do you know you can transfer music etc to pc/laptop etc and play it in your car ?
    Do you know you can have full tv guide and record IPTV ?

    I won't list anymore but your box is capable of so much more.
    Let me know how i can help and i'll see if i can.
    If anyone needs files, tell me and i'll see if i've got them.
    If you are interested in Premium IPTV then inbox me.
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  2. manic01 Welcome to the final show

    Great Post mate I hope members take you up on your offer!
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  3. FREEDAWEED Active Member

    We'll see.
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  4. lespat Member

    Do you need help getting 27.5w working ? ..... New to this enigma stuff and keep reading the forums when I spotted your offer above. I bought a Mutant HD11 with openvix loaded, to try and get into it before I fully commit to a better box. i have used DCC to hook up the box to the laptop and can see all the contents, so I have made a start. I have other boxes to receive 27.5w (Edision Nano, Icecrypt 1600CHD, Technomate 5402/2), when we are down in Spain and Portugal but I like a challenge but can't seem to get past the starting post. I have read lots over the months/years but have now become entangled in my brain as images changed and don't know where to start. An idiots guide would be useful to try and get this idiot going. I could start with a re-flash if that's what is needed.
    Have you got full EPG (TV guide) ? Would like this next if I can get the first bit working.
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  5. FREEDAWEED Active Member

    Hi pal. If you don't mind doing a reflash or load an empty backup then that will help you.
    Vix in my opinion is the best so your on your way.
    When you've got a fresh install let me know and i'll post the files that will do all the hard work for you.
    What do you use your box for except FTA satellite ?
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  6. lespat Member

    Thanks for the instant reply. I bought this economy box as a learning exercise to get into Linux and then 27.5w (BISS) with the cross epg option, but stalled at the first hurdle and am still only able to use it for fta but I do like the auto bouquet feature for freesat channel sorting. Will need to hook up the box later and reflash to the latest vix if that's what you would recommend. SWMBO says we have to go to the shops now so will get straight onto it when we get back, and thanks again for your help. Just an acknowledgement to a post is a big improvement on my progress so far.

    I would be looking for AFN 9E if I can master this bit but I believe this is a whole new complication at the moment. It used to be easy on closed source boxes but all that has changed recently?
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  7. FREEDAWEED Active Member

    No problem, i'm home most of today working online. Throw a post and i'll answer asap.
    To give you some idea, i can now load and watch 27.5w on a new box in the same time it takes to setup closed source. lol.
    I'ts just doing it in the right order. I WILL GET IT WORKING FOR YOU.
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  8. lespat Member

    Many thanks, will "speak" again later.
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  9. kegnkiwi Active Member

    This will be an interesting thread, are you telling people to use vix images as some of the work needed to be done is already in the image? I know my way around a linux box but I am playing with the pur-e2 images and want to get 27.5w working but there are so many threads going that it hard to follow the steps.
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  10. FREEDAWEED Active Member

    Hi, it's so simple to do when the steps are done in order.
    Yes VIX has played a massive part in making it easier as script changes are already done in the image.
    I only install VIX for all my customers as i have it sussed and it does exactly what i ask every time.
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  11. FREEDAWEED Active Member

    kegnkiwi if you want to keep using a different image then you may need to add the script files.
    I do have them if you need them but i'm not sure all images will run them.
    Let me know which way you want to go and i'll go through it with you.
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  12. lespat Member

    FREEDAWEED - Back from the shops. Mutant HD11 reflashed (after doing a backup) with the latest VIX image. Not done anything else except set tuner to 27.5w. I am in your hands now. Please be gentle with me. Thanks
  13. FREEDAWEED Active Member

    ok first thing to do is to download the file attached and unzip it.
    Put the files in c:drive

    Attached Files:

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  14. FREEDAWEED Active Member

    Connect your FTP with putty or dcc or whatever you use.
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  15. lespat Member

    Got that, unzipped onto desktop, now looking at 4 files in 27.5w folder. Ready when you are.​
  16. FREEDAWEED Active Member

    When connected go to your c:drive through FTP and the files should show. If they do then go to the tab that says telnet. When in telnet type init 4 yor box should freeze.
    Press the FTP tab and go to etc-enigma2 you should now see lamedb in the list. Transfer my lamedb over and over wright.
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  17. lespat Member

    Sorry, just seen your next instruction. Going to connect using DCC. Could take awhile.
  18. lespat Member

    Not connected yet but can't see lamedb file in 27.5w folder
  19. FREEDAWEED Active Member

    Cool. all you do is change it to mine.

    you must stop the box with init 4 before you change the lamedb and init 3 to restart the box after the change
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  20. FREEDAWEED Active Member

    Sorry i see it's missing.

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