More BBC Satback 27.5W issues

Discussion in 'Technomate non Linux Receiver Disscussion' started by mb2410, Nov 8, 2017.

  1. mb2410 Member

    hi i am having real problems with 27.5w ive followed manic01 instructions i can get an excellant signal and i can lock on but when i scan it does,nt seem to find the channels on 11.495v although like i say signal is spot on
    i,m using the TM5402 box and have not had a problem till now using usals or diseqc 1.2 so nw at a loss with this
    any advice from anyone please
  2. manic01 Welcome to the final show

    Load back up channel list.
  3. mb2410 Member

    downloaded most recent list on this box do i now just insert usb and update manic01 ive not updated this way before
    i wont lose all sat settings doing this would i please
    thank you
  4. manic01 Welcome to the final show

    It will load all new settings, wheres your back up list?
    If using usals you will need to enter your long/lat again.
    Or just manually add the channels for 27w
    If you uk based theres no channels on 27w that aren't on 28.2e
  5. mb2410 Member

    just using 27w for feeds for whatever if you follow
    but just had dish repositioned so i could reach round to 30w as original position was to low
    so my dilema would only be if i wanted feeds would i be able to lock on
    like i say getting signal fine on bbc transponder its just not finding channels,,,,not wanting channels as i do live in the uk
    just feeds manic
    thank you
  6. manic01 Welcome to the final show

    Ok do this
    Advanced scan
    Select 27w
    Select the transponder
    Press F1 on remote
    This will activate feed channel scan set to ON bottom left of screen
    Then press red button to scan.
  7. mb2410 Member

    Mega star you manic01 many thanx for your help all sorted now
    Once again
    Big thanks
  8. manic01 Welcome to the final show

    No probs

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