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  1. holmroad Well-Known Member

    Haven't been able to open MUTV HD on 11506V s/r 23000 28E this past two days on my TM5402HD M3!
    Has anyone else experienced this?
    (Did a rescan - but without success!)
  2. Jonesy789 Sam New Member

    That’s a great shame lol
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  3. holmroad Well-Known Member

    Trust YOU to reply Jonesy!!! Lol!!
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  4. Jonesy789 Sam New Member

    Just tried it matey not opening nor is racing uk hd sos
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  5. holmroad Well-Known Member

    Thought we were doing too well after MUTV in SD went but for some reason HD remained on a different freq at that time last year!
    At least MUTV HD on 10E is still opening with Biss 11481V s/r 4000 on my M3!
  6. holmroad Well-Known Member

    Good news, MUTV HD 28E came back for me last night, so maybe a hiccup their end?
  7. Jonesy789 Sam New Member

    Yep bit weird but racing uk hd is working again on same transponder
  8. Maxbats

    MUTV HD is open on official S*y box at the moment as is LFCTV HD even tho not part of sub
  9. holmroad Well-Known Member

    Oh dear, let's hope the two things aren't connected somehow then?
  10. holmroad Well-Known Member

    MUTV HD on 28E gone for me again on M3 - anyone else?
    (However this coincides with MUTV HD also no longer FTA on Sky platform!)
  11. manic01 Welcome to the final show

    Rest may follow.
  12. holmroad Well-Known Member

  13. Jonesy789 Sam New Member

    Bt sport ,racing uk and discovery channels that still clear on 28 east
  14. holmroad Well-Known Member

    Really weird, as MUTV HD on 28E started working again on my M3 late last night, but off again so far today!
  15. manic01 Welcome to the final show

    Yes MUTV HD/Racing UK HD still working along with the rest of the sd channels
  16. holmroad Well-Known Member

    Seems to be back now - MOST of the time - but with occasional lapses mate!
  17. manic01 Welcome to the final show

    That my friend is your supplier, its working fine.
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  18. holmroad Well-Known Member

    It wasn't only ME who has been experiencing occasional lapses though, so maybe their clines problematical too!! lol !!

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