Recording and playback issues

Discussion in 'TM-Nano-Oe' started by joe sando, Mar 11, 2016.

  1. joe sando Member

    when I'm recording a program I'm using a usb with an 8gb sd card I am having several issues.
    Firstly I have it initinalise the card every time?
    On playback the picture freezes but commentary carries on so when I press the fast forward for a nano second it resumes..
    It is really starting to get on ones ti@s

    What am I doing wrong I have a 32gb card I want to use but if the problem persists it will be a new box I need
  2. manic01 Welcome to the final show

    Maybe its the sd card.
    Maybe we should find out what receiver it is as this is posted in english support and not any relevant receiver section?
  3. joe sando Member

    Oh my bad
    It's a technomate nano oe
    On a vix image
  4. manic01 Welcome to the final show

    Have you not got a usb or hdd to try?
    Could be the sd card.
  5. joe sando Member

    Yes I will
    What I have noticed is that when I record a rugby match and delete it from the card
    I can not just press record to record another program I always get disc error and have to re initialise before it will let me?
  6. manic01 Welcome to the final show

    Sounds like a format issue tbh.
  7. joe sando Member

    Ok thanks I've just tried to record another program with another sd card
  8. manic01 Welcome to the final show

    Am I getting confused here with you interpretation of a sd card.
    Are you using a usb stick or a hdd a sd card in a holder of sorts?
  9. joe sando Member

    Im using a usb that you insert a micro sd card into....i just tried to use a 32 gb sd card but kept getting time out error when trying to initionalise it to the box...i have reformatted the original and it seems ok for now

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