Strong TP for anyone wanting to try 3 west satellite.


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Scanned in 3W, but only get following:-
Tppmix info 1-4 11621H 22501 Conax 70%
Tppmix elo 1 & 2 Ditto
TVH 11587H 3700 Free 37%
C.E.N. TA3 FLY AWAY 11643H 4231 Free 65%

So no verticals at all, including NO 12740V 11762 for some reason!

1.9 brilliant 97% sig - loads of Skycrypt channels, in English many too, plus loads of 'Unknown' - Biss? ones


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Hey, really like your new avator!
Yes think we agree my dish is mis-aligned, as discussed previously, so will have to organise someone to sort it for me!
(PS: Assume you DO really mean 3West!)