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#1 was originally set up as a bet, the 'challenge' was that a technomate only 'blog' type site would never get a quarter of a million hits. It did, in about 7 months, and is now approaching 2 million. In the past its been the source of news that even technomate themselves were not aware of, has been the ONLY site available for all the software, for all the receivers, from all the different sources, as well as fixes, patches, updates and 'news' in general.

2 years ago it was completely overhauled and rebuilt, using an android tablet and a dodgey wifi connection whilst sat bored on the side of a spanish runway, into the site you see today (or if youre reading this 6 years after posting, the site you saw at the time this post was made)

more recently, its been integrated with facebook and twitter, so anything posted to the blog, is also automagically added to those social networks, allowing you to 'follow' what gets posted on the blog, right from within your favored social website.