TM F3 Super /TM Mini Super Bug report/feedback here please.

Discussion in 'Technomate non Linux Receiver Disscussion' started by manic01, Aug 12, 2017.

  1. manic01 Welcome to the final show

    Please leave any Bug reports/feedback on either stb here please.
    Good or bad it needs to be known.
    Please make sure its not operator error before posting issues as it has been known to happen lol.
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  2. Nik

    hi manic01, is there any web link where we can buy this stb, TM online doesn't seems have yet.
  3. manic01 Welcome to the final show

    Buy from TM via telephone number on website
    I would read feedback as it comes in and then make your mind up before buying
    We all have different requirements in a receiver
    What may suits one may not suit another
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  4. rumpole Active Member

    up to now i have just done a basic set up
    and find as usual with tm box's great vidoe
    and audio clear menu's and signal and quality
    excellent, i am having a problem setting it up
    to work on disque 1.2 to move the dish via a v-box
    and havn't found out how to move channels in a user
    order. i'm sure thye problems i have at this time is me
    not configuring it correctly. on the brighter side even
    nile-sat that is weak on signal is giving first class signal
    and quality, we all know tuners from different manufacturers
    are difficult to compare the F3 is giving about 20% more than
    my linux box and it found a few extra channel,so further testing
    and once i sort everything i will give a better feed back
    just to add i forgot to say i having difficulty setting the sats up i wish
    to scan, i tick the sats i require but i dont seem to be able to save the
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  5. Nik

    Many Thanks manic01, I think i little wait for more feedback before I committed to buy lol,
  6. manic01 Welcome to the final show

    Once you load latest patch, menu-setting- enter 1512 you will see xcam, this means cccam/newcamd/keys etc.

    I found the channel list not up to date with tp's son need to manually add or blindscan
    There is an isseue where it will always scan the radio stations as well so uses up space.

    To delete channels

    Channel Editor
    Channel Manager
    Select satellite
    Scroll to channels you want to delete
    Press ok on each channel
    It will put a tick next to it.
    Press green button, it will ask for password 0000 and confirm deletion.

    To move channels
    Channel Editor
    Channel Manager
    Select satellite
    Scroll to channels you want to move
    Press ok on each channel
    It will put a tick next to it.
    Press yellow button, enter position for channels to be moved to ie number 3 or or 5 or where ever you want them
    Press ok, it will block move them to that position.
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  7. rumpole Active Member

    after anouther day with the F3 and it's certainly not the most
    user friendly box i have had, with info posted by manic01
    i have now got a lot further, i still cant get it to move my dish
    with the disque 1.2 setting.when i go to the satellite list i can select
    and put a tick on the satellites i want on my list to scan, then comes
    the problem. there are five options
    [1] move with up/down to move to the sats
    [2] 0 to delete all channel
    [3] ok to tick the sat you require
    [4] I+ button satellite install [why could this not a simple save option
    [5] exit
    the fourth button that say's sat install requires [I+] to install the sat
    i cant find how to do this task. and if you just exit it wont save the sats selected
    i really think it needs software to simplify the menus and make them
    user friendly,i will just carry on but it is very time consuming
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  8. Argosat Member

    Not bought one for now. Not interesting in IPTV yet. I don't understand if this new box is designed mainly for IPTV with an optional satellite tuner, or sat tuner was considered main usage from manufacturer. Reading this feedback page it seems a little bit disappointing. Also, very bad luck a combo version is not available now. So I will continue to read here and see. Thanks.
  9. manic01 Welcome to the final show

    Budget sat stb with iptv
    No combo version available
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  10. digi247 Well-Known Member

    OK after having a nice play with this receiver i managed to 'BRICK IT' lol yes actually managed to get this stuck on 'LOAD' mode with a download TS screen which i have never seen before, Anyhow with a massive thank you to @manic01 and a few chats here and there and a little Google searching again @manic01 came to the rescue i managed to find a 'similar' receiver and instruction on how to recover it from a Boot loop.

    So if you do brick your new TM F3 Super here are the instructions on how to restore it.

    1. Format your USB Stick in your computer with your favourite formatting Program.

    2. download the TM F3 Super Firmware file form here: Now the important part you must RENAME the TM-F3-super-P-04-08-2017.bin to just simply rom.bin this is very important or this will not work.

    3. transfer the newly renamed rom.bin file and place this on your USB stick

    4. Switch your TM F3 Super 'OFF' with the switch at the back insert your USB stick with the rom.bin file into the 'FRONT USB PORT'

    5. Switch the TM F3 Super back on and now the receiver should read the rom.bin file and flash your receiver, just follow the onscreen instructions at the end which clearly state switch the receiver off and most importantly remove your USB stick.

    Now when you switch back on your receiver will boot as normal.

    Hope this helps anyone who may come unstuck but please only use this method if you do happen by chance to brick the receiver somehow, do not use this method to 'Patch' the receiver as you normally would.

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  11. donto Well-Known Member

    The receiver is a much smaller box than the usual larger models. I could not get the motorised dish to work on Diseqc 1.2 which seemed straightforward on older models but more complex here so I gave up in the end and used USALS settings instead which meant adjusting my dish a bit.

    Thxs to manic i figured out where the keys can be accessed and entered as it is not obvious - the Powervu keys seem to automatically update which is a bonus, however yet to check them all? All other keys, biss, tandberg etc you need to enter manually which is a bit of a pain especially if you are not familiar with entering keys for Cryptoworks, Nagravison etc. This could be improved if the patches came with all the latest keys or at least provided an auto update via the net .

    When entering keys for Biss you also need to enter some of the transponder settings for the channels which is a pain and time consuming and again not required on previous models. Seems a bit primitive here and a bit disappointing. Only good thing here is once keys are entered it opens channels across a few transponders (sharing the same key) and does not require you to select each individual channel and apply the biss key as with tm5402 model.

    Quality of picture seems okay and the menu is fairly easy to use once you get use to it but as far as overall quality and ease of use this stb is lacking in comparison to older models.

    When you move from sat to sat it never returns to a channel you may have watched previously so have to look up the channel again unlike other models which stay on channels you were last watching - but I suppose you could make use of the favourites in channel editor for this. The box does seem a little lightweight in design and quality compared to the likes of the tm5402 models etc. The instructions booklet is small with very small print and provides very little information in setting up so I spent a bit of time getting my head around the menu. IPTV haven't tried yet . Blind search seems quick and efficient.
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  12. manic01 Welcome to the final show

    In reply
    Diseqc needs manually setting up as its different file system
    This is not an issue of the stb
    Its same if you set up openbox
    Diseqc has sats allocated to numbers
    You are used to using same cndf list stb to stb so never had to do this before
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  13. rumpole Active Member

    the box does move the dish via my v-box, and from the 1.2 motorised settings
    i can drive the dish east and west. so the box does work on disque 1.2 the problem
    i have is in the satellite set up i select and tick the sats when you have your sats
    they need to be saved using the fourth button option sat install this requires [I+]
    and i cant see anyway to do this task and once you exit the menu and drive and
    scan the sats manually with no sats installed the box wont move from sat to sat
    this is the first box that doesn't save the sat selected,unlike other tm boxs that after
    you tick the sats and exit it dose not say do you want to save the changes made
    and with no saved sats it then wont move the dish.
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  14. manic01 Welcome to the final show

    Tried pressing Info button?
  15. manic01 Welcome to the final show

    Anyone scanned in 27.5 w ok?
  16. donto Well-Known Member

    No not tried 27.5 W yet, will try later today. Anything good on that? Unless you talking uk tv abroad..if so ignore lol
  17. manic01 Welcome to the final show

    Yes bbc etc, please try and feedback result.
  18. donto Well-Known Member

    Ok will do..
  19. manic01 Welcome to the final show

  20. manic01 Welcome to the final show

    If you add extra satellite, eg 27.5w
    You must enable your motor settings for that sat if using motorised system.
    If just using existing sat list loaded on stb, then once usals or diseqc is selected all sats will work that way the above is only for any extra sats added.

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