TM Nano 3T Combo keeps rebooting without warning

Was wondering if someone could help. I have a Technomate TM Nano 3T Combo that I purchased around March 2016, for the last few months it has been rebooting without warning up to 3 to 4 times a day some times more. Contacted Technomate and they advised me that it may need an Image update, so I did an Image update, but unfortunately it's still reboots itself without warning. Contacted Technomate again and told them I still have the same problem and was told it maybe the PSU unit.
Maybe some one can advise me on whether I need to replace it.



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Hi pal.
Check fan speed is set to max / vacuum the exit point for the fan.
Try disconnecting the dish feed's and using the box for internet only functions only and see if that stops it. (Maybe bad cable / connection / LNB
Flash to another image.
If none of these fix it then it's the board.