TM5402 M3 tracking fault

Got my tm5402 m3 sat ( 1M dish) up and running a couple of years ago with help and advice from this great site,everything still great except for one small problem.Every now and again when I try to send my dish to a location it doesn’t move and may take 2/3 attempts,it seems to do this on 0.8w more than most ( may seem that way because I use it more ) is this a indication of something packing up and if so what? Any advice greatly appreciated.
Thanks John.


Time at the bar please.
Happens sometimes on mine as well.
You can either use menu-motorised settings- motor control- go to reference and that should send to 1w(if thats your ref sat) then back again to the sat you are on.
Or you can reset the motor.
Make sure before you do anything drastic you back up your lists etc.
Thanks for your fast reply, it was you ( and a few others) that gave me fantastic advice and help with instal of my dish ages ago.
Can’t thank you and this site enough for your help.
Thank you, John