twin tm oe

my box keeps rebooting itself while watching TV. I updates latest image however same problem. Box is hot any ideas
Several things can create reboot.
please do a few tests as below
1-disconnect Lnb /Lan cable from the rear .if reboot stops>.connect Lnb cable first .if reboot stop>connect lan cable. if by connect or discount still same
2-go to menu/setup/system/fan control increase fan speed about 2000+ press green button to save it.
3-If number 2/3 has not fixed it .Turn off the power open the top cover see if there is dust on the main board if so use paint brush clean all
4-If none above fix this unit >download latest 4 image from link below after that download boot load from 2nd Link.

5-if 1/2/3/4 has not fixed it .disconnect hard disk test it
if none above fixed it, contact technomate tech,Help 0208 8840259 for advise possibly return the unit to tm