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  1. digidude Well-Known Member

    As the title and the room name suggests really, when will the 4D git be available?
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  3. digidude Well-Known Member

    bumpitty bump :)
  4. digidude Well-Known Member

    and another bump

    whats the point in having an entire section of the forum dedicated to something that doesnt exist?

    can we also have a section for mermaids and unicorns :p
  5. digidude Well-Known Member

    im a few hours away from having a pure PLi 4.0 image for the Nano2t Super (as well as the other TM receivers). only problem i have, is i dont own a nan02t-super to test it out on
  6. x 5

    Do you got more info about whem this pure PLI4.0 image will be out??
  7. luxtter Administrator Staff Member

    Teams preparing.it will be soon
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  8. digidude Well-Known Member

    the lack of a proper git, and with things constantly going wrong, like whats happened with all of the domain urls (again) makes an 'official' pli release impossible. technomate wont do the work that PLi require, 4D are 101% not interested in any form of official support, so its left to the end users. A pure PLi image would be around 35Mb in size. The 4Ds version will be at least twice that as it contains a whole shedload of unneeded code that ensures their images can work on many other receivers

    compare the file sizes of the 4D image with the ViX image for an example of how bloated it is
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  9. digidude Well-Known Member

    Another month of nothing. the new 3T blatantly states 'open source' as the very first words on the top line of the specs on the box.........

    The ONLY reason i bought a nano2-Super and a 3T-Combo is i was told the GIT was complete
  10. digidude Well-Known Member

    as the vix feeds and downloadable updates are up and down as much as a hookers leggings, and the 4D image is bloated with stuff thats not needed for everyday use, and their feeds keep being lost due to URL 'issues' could this please be sorted out............
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  11. digidude Well-Known Member

    another pointless bump thread :p
  12. mdt Well-Known Member

    "technomate wont do the work that PLi require" says it all really imo..... surely if TM are serious about offering and supporting E2/LINUX stb,s, and by the current range for sale.....
    TM-Nano,TM-Nano 2 Super,TM-Nano 2T,TM-Nano 3T,TM-Twin they are then why cant they just pay whoever needs to be paid ect and stick openpli on their boxs at the factory.
    just my opinion of course and not meant to upset anyone,regards mdt
  13. digidude Well-Known Member

    the people who ARE being paid make it as hard as possible for a pure PLi image to exist

    a pure PLi image would be free, supported by 'the community'

    I bought a 2T super and a 3T combo for the only reason i was told the git was ready, 2 months later, the 2T super still hasnt been out of its box, and the 3T combo has been plugged in to see the DVB-T side working, for me, they were a total waste of money, as i didnt buy them to watch, i bought them to create images for them
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  14. digidude Well-Known Member

    Banging this same old drum again lol
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