Feeds on 10.0E issues

While viewing BISS Test Match feeds on 10.0E 11591 H 7200 MPEG 4 - 4:2:0 DVB-S2 with a TM-5402 M3 on a 1m dish with 11.2dB signal, the picture breaks up every couple of seconds with the strength dropping to 0.0dB for a fraction of a second. Other feeds such as Football work fine. Same problem with the 12.5W feed

I wired up my old Spiderbox HD7000 with the same dish/LNB arrangement and to my amazement, the picture was fine and hardly ever broke up and probably only due to weak signal issues with this less sensitive box

Is there something the TM-5402 can't handle with certain feeds?

I am using software version 1.46p, which has always been the most stable for me

Any advice/comments appreciated!


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Yes same here mate, except I'm getting no signal at all on those two frequencies with my M3 also on 146P!
About to check my lnb & 1.1M dish to see if can improve as others are getting good signal - although think he uses M2 as well!

Just as matter of interest just found that ESPN 902 on 15W carrying Sly pic + commentary - but only in sd!!

Seems my dish is misaligned for 10E which isn't helping - but also found feed at 12.5W by kujugen of Sly feed:-
11475H 7200
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I got my old TM-5402 M2 out of the loft with old patch 1.40p 2014 and all Test Match feeds on 10E/12W worked fine - very odd. Maybe I have worn out my M3 with all the use it gets!

Thanks for replying holmroad!


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Cheers Jon, although I have been informed that another member is having success with all M1, M2 and M3, I do realise that my dish seems to be misaligned - especially for 10E unfortunately, as most other sats seem to be coming in fine! Even most other 10E channels seem fine too, but obviously the alignment issue needs sorting before I can truly blame anything else lol!
So still no real reason for YOUR issue, sorry mate!
Plus as I said yesterday, 12.5W booming in loud and clear 11475H 7200 anyway for me.
12 34 5A A0 20 18 09 41
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