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So much for TM support, very quick with the first Tandberg patch then nothing since. Other boxes have come up with new patches but nothing from TM


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There was a time when if we even DARED to mention other receivers than TM we got well bollocked - apparently no longer????


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Still find it hard to believe that NOBODY from TM are responding to this - at least one way or another?
Maybe Richard is waiting to announce that TM are now a part of someone else? lol!!


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my linux box is playing up and i think it's time
for a new box and if the above looks like it's going to happen
then all who have been waiting for a new 4K box from TM it now
looks like pie in the sky and if they want a 4K then other suppliers
could be getting the orders


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Worrying times indeed..maybe cheaper stb options out there has forced the hand of the powers that be is a business after all..they may merge wiv another company...if patches cease for Tm then I guess, as will 1 says ..time to move on..and look at new stbs..and ultimately we will follow da patch trail...
The problem is that moving on is not possible! I never found other receivers having same quality as TM! Surely not linux boxes, ANY! William-1, if you can suggest another combo box having stability and blind scan performances as TM6902 I really would thank you, but there are not. Or am I wrong?


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im a self confessed TM fanboy, and have owned just about every receiver they have produced (including the freeview tm2000 series)

since a certain man whos dark stopped being involved with the software, the 'support' has slowly spiralled downwards. the linux support may as well be closed RTOS like the other receivers.

What was once at the forefront of the satellite enthusiast technology is now generally at least 12 - 18 months behind with hardware, and sometimes even more with software. Its not from a lack of online willingness from people who genuinely do it for the hobby and want to see things get better either.
Well, I'm not totally agree with you about the dark man. Yes he made a very good job, but Phantom too! Also, Phantom supported TM as soon as dark man told and shouted to trash them for a lower quality box. And Phantom supported most models until last year, about 6 years after that man. Unfortunately I'm not able to find similar boxes with other brands. Not just for performances, but also for building and case quality. I don't understand why ALL newer receivers have external power supply and are built in very little and bad chassis.....
PS: Anyone is able to find certain information about Technomate situation? Thanks.