New Firmware Technomate 5402 Mk3

Discussion in 'Technomate non Linux Receiver Disscussion' started by Ger, Feb 4, 2018.

  1. Ger

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  2. Ger

    Is it possible to update iptv list because not every channel is connected special usa and russian channels thx ;)
  3. donto Well-Known Member

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  4. holmroad Well-Known Member

    Yes very odd not in download centre, espec when Phantom had promised us a new patch months ago?
    I'll try it tomorrow - see if HS works too!!! lol!!
  5. holmroad Well-Known Member

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  6. donto Well-Known Member

    Clearly a reason for it..on the subject of patches 20w epl is off the radar so i suppose not a lot could be on the next patch..or is that wushful thinking? ;)
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  7. holmroad Well-Known Member

    Patch 147P nearly 'blew' the M3 mate - manic01 tried it - see link I provided above - and it was then withdrawn very quickly from the Download Centre!
    It all happened so quickly last year, that I had already forgotten about it - and maybe you too? lol!!
  8. manic01 Welcome to the final show

    Just a heads up.
    I have never removed 147p from my M3.
    It failed on new tandverg encryption all else works same.
    Not sure where the 'blew' the M3 mate - manic01 tried it" came from.
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  9. holmroad Well-Known Member

    Still not in Download centre though eh mate?
  10. manic01 Welcome to the final show

    No as it was a test patch for tandberg.
    Probably same as 146p apart from tandberg changes so no need to release.
  11. holmroad Well-Known Member

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