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Discussion in 'Technomate non Linux Receiver Disscussion' started by mb2410, Feb 12, 2018.

  1. mb2410 Member

    hi to all ive gone back to using my TM5402 M3 box and was just wondering if its possible to open sport 24 on 20w with correct powervu keys please
  2. Maxbats

    No patch available for latest version of PowerVu unfortunately
  3. mb2410 Member

    thanx Maxbats i thought so seems like we,ve been abandoned by tm lol,,,,,have got a tm nano se plus 2 but cant get head round powervu and cant get it to work although i have biss etc working
    never mind thanx anyway mate
  4. manic01 Welcome to the final show

    Just for info, Sports 24 does not transmit from 20w since last Nov time, kingofsar etc are wrong.
    Rtl transmits on the same tp and pids instead.
    No non linux stb opens that powervu version.
  5. mb2410 Member

    thanx for that manic01,save wasting time on it,,,,,might try and set up tm nano box again and try and get head round powervu on other sats,,,did manage everything else on tm nano so some day i may get head round powervu lol
    thanx again
  6. manic01 Welcome to the final show

    Not sure what you are hoping to achieve with that stb, that you cannot do easier on M3?
    Biss/powervu cs all easier on M3
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  7. mb2410 Member

    yeh true manic going to stick with M3 as you say far easier to use and still has lots of capabilities just going to sell nano otherwise it will just sit in the corner gathering dust
    let some other sat enthusiast whose into linux have the pleasure of it
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