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  1. Eardly Kumarasiri Member

    I am using Technomate TM twin OE with open Pli4 image. This image not open ,Display only starting,When I off & on the receiver image come with bad colour,I flash same image again,Flashing completed,Then display please wait,I wait more than half hour,But nothing happen.Then I switch off & on again,Then display only starting.Please help me to solve this problem ,Thanks.

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  2. FREEDAWEED Active Member

    Pli has a problem with timers stored. When you flash your box make sure the (F) connector to the dish is unplugged.
    It should Flash and load perfectly without the dish connected.
    When it loads go into the timers (Menu/timers) and make sure there are none saved. (Delete any).
    Restart your box. If it loads ok then switch your box off at the back and connect your dish and switch back on. That should fix your problem.
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  3. Eardly Kumarasiri Member

    Thanks for your kind reply,I try the way you advice me,nothing happen.Display only starting.My this receiver during warranty period same thing happen,fainllyTechnomate company replace mother board under warranty,I don't know what will do this time.Please Advice me,Waiting for quick reply. Thanks.
  4. digi247 Well-Known Member

    Personally i would try flashing a different image say OpenATV just to rule out a damaged Flash chip
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  5. FREEDAWEED Active Member

  6. Eardly Kumarasiri Member

    I send an email to Technomate regarding my receiver problem.After receive massage from Technomate,I will try to flash another image.Thanks.
  7. Eardly Kumarasiri Member

    Following your instruction,I flashed openvix image.every thing fine.After finish every thing when booting I press exit button repeatedly 10 seconds ,Now half an hour gone ,Still not finish booting,What shell I do now.??????? waiting for quick reply,Thanks.
  8. Eardly Kumarasiri Member

    I switch off from rear switch,Re start again,Then It is loading 49% & stop loading ,Display say Please wait,now more than 10 minutes.After that nothing happen,?????
    Again switch off & on same thing happen ,Up 49% loading only, Help me Please,

    Is some thing wrong with boot loader.???????
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  9. Eardly Kumarasiri Member

    Problem solve,Thanks for the support given by the active members.Thanks once again.
  10. manic01 Welcome to the final show

    Care to share how it was solved?
  11. Eardly Kumarasiri Member

    Long time I used Open Pli image.When you read above post regarding my problem,You can see advice to change image in to open vix or another.There fore I change in to Open VIX image.Then my problem solve,Still I am not familiar with Open VIX.It will be OK soon ,Thanks.
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  12. FREEDAWEED Active Member

    Glad it's sorted pal, PLi has got many faults at the moment on Technomate boxes.
    There is only one problem on Technomate boxes with Open VIX that i know of and that is , if you are on IPTV and you press enter for epg info and you press enter a second time it crashes and reboots. You just have to be careful, a small price to pay for a fantastic image.
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