tm-mini and 27.5 w biss codes help please for dummy.

My tm-mini worked ok until 27*5 bi** codes changed .

Now tried everything to unscramble but to no avail.

As follows.
Installed new patch 06-06-14.
changed biss code in patch listing.
Still scrambled screen.
Have I missed something? Are there hidden codes to unlock somewhere?
Do I need to install a new softcam or is the patch the softcam.
I know there is a need to help yourself to learn but without a teacher you just go round in circles.
Grateful for any and all help but please remember I am a dummy when it comes to softcams, cams,
Hi Manic01.
As far as I am aware yes, it's showing a list of 17 starting with bbc1 and ending in utvhd.
Also showing 65% quality and the screen says no video or scrambled channel.
Hi brynic, any luck yet with int 907 set up on tm mini as i have same probs as you.
I see in another thread that the prob has been sent off to the engineers to sort and wondered if you had managed to sort it yourself yet?
Hi manic01, ok thanks, how long do these things normally take? or is that a bit like me asking how long is a piece of string? Its just i bought this new tm mini from eurosky soley for 27.5w in spain and its just an ornament on top of my tv at the mo! lol! Typical, the new patch and biss work on all other tm models apart from the one i buy!
Thanks for the fast reply and info though. Much appreciated, just frustrated at having to watch the world cup on spanish tv!


Time at the bar please.
It opens on most not all tm models.
This model is a bit different from others.
I cannot get any reply from TM since I was notified that engineers were looking at it.
10 june was last contact for me.
Forum over run with rubbish so not sure if TM are on hols lol

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I am trying to help a friend to put the biss keys on 10east and still not working for him I fort it was only 27.5west haveing probs I can not test on my side because I dont have one, I fort it was the family of TM5502 but it look like a difftent box


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How did the last patch work then?Well it did with 27.5W,Bryan had it going.Guess it was because the current code at the time was already embedded.Maybe a quick(?) temporary fix would be to release software with the current biss codes embedded and figure out later why you can't update them.Cheers